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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Aruma 2010

My new Go-To?  The available vintage of my GoTo Bogle Phantom is almost up.  Aruma is deep, rich, also wonderful...maybe not quite as rhapsodic but close enough for less $$.

Many Malbecs I have experienced have a rough edge that some aging softens.  This one does not.  This one is roll your eyes up in your head, curl your toes wonderful as is.

Deep color, deep aroma & dark cherry, rich flavors.  Wonderful partnership between Lafitte and Catena.  Great value.

I tried the new vintage, the latest bottled vintage of K-BZinfandel...what a disappointment.  Maybe age will deepen it but right now it doesn't begin to capture a fraction of the wonderful depth of the previous vintage.   It looks like I may be drinking a lot of the Aruma until summer whites take over again.

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