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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ferrari Brut N/V

Ferrari Brut N/V (Italy)

Wine Spectator score: 90  My score: 88

I must be a hard grader.  While I enjoyed the consistent taste and agressive bubble attack on my palette, I rate this an 88, maybe - which is still quite good & makes this one of my new Go Tos for bubbles.

According to the shop pamphlet write up: "Ferrari Brut is made using the traditional Champagne techniques."  I might ask: which tradition might that be? On its own or via a 'traditional' infusion of gas?  Given the aggressively strong bubbles I'm guessing the later.  I am not complaining about the wine, but rather the coy wording on the sales precis.

One criteria which is an absolute must for me on bubbly things, especially if they want a rating higher than "BLECH" is a consistent taste from the front to back of palette.  This is surprisingly tough to find.  This one was far from Blech.  I am not sure what I tasted but it sure was consistent from sip to swallow.

While I don't know if I agree with "significant overtones of ripe golden apples, wild flowers" I still enjoyed it.  The bubbles were too aggressive to get any taste beyond the sensation until you stopped to think hard about what you were sniffing or just drank .

The retail price at the the local was $19.99 which is a very good deal for this.  At a compared price of $24 elsewhere: not so great.  There is more competition at the $25 point.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Barbera del Monteferrato 2011

Maraia Barbera del Monteferrato 2011

Quite lovely now though when I bought this last year I penciled in the years 2014-15 on the label.  I couldn't wait.  This is my second bottle this year.  I hope I can leave the others stashed away until next year.

It drinks leaner than my robust fall zinfandels but still flavorful without being fruity.  Sure it has some berries of some sort but they are just before full ripe berries with a touch of tart.  No discernible tannins, it is quite smooth. 

I am not currently eating like the foodie I used to be but this went better with cheese than with meat: meaning it went better with my cheese-tortilla roll up than with my cheese n salami tortilla roll up.

I hope to return to cooking up bigger meals but I have to afford the ingredients first.   My education in wine has taken precedence over my cooking.  I know I can cook.  I am still learning the differences in wines.

I have been drinking wine inbetween the last posts and this one but they have been short and posted to Pinterest: My Wine on Pinterest

It has been easier to post on Pinterest than to get some of the blog to work.