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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ferrari Brut N/V

Ferrari Brut N/V (Italy)

Wine Spectator score: 90  My score: 88

I must be a hard grader.  While I enjoyed the consistent taste and agressive bubble attack on my palette, I rate this an 88, maybe - which is still quite good & makes this one of my new Go Tos for bubbles.

According to the shop pamphlet write up: "Ferrari Brut is made using the traditional Champagne techniques."  I might ask: which tradition might that be? On its own or via a 'traditional' infusion of gas?  Given the aggressively strong bubbles I'm guessing the later.  I am not complaining about the wine, but rather the coy wording on the sales precis.

One criteria which is an absolute must for me on bubbly things, especially if they want a rating higher than "BLECH" is a consistent taste from the front to back of palette.  This is surprisingly tough to find.  This one was far from Blech.  I am not sure what I tasted but it sure was consistent from sip to swallow.

While I don't know if I agree with "significant overtones of ripe golden apples, wild flowers" I still enjoyed it.  The bubbles were too aggressive to get any taste beyond the sensation until you stopped to think hard about what you were sniffing or just drank .

The retail price at the the local was $19.99 which is a very good deal for this.  At a compared price of $24 elsewhere: not so great.  There is more competition at the $25 point.

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