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Saturday, December 29, 2012

2009 Jubileo Zapata Zinfandel

So much for resolutions of the last year.   I attended a number of tastings and a WONDERFUL class about Loire Valley wines . . . but did I blog about them?  NOOOoooooooo!

Sorry about that.  I will try again this coming year to be better about that and about noting the wine bottles opened in house, though I admit I went through a 2 month phase of tea and beer drinking but the craft beers were worth writing about, too, if I had infact, stopped drinking long enough to write about them.

Anywho!   A wine I have had in my basement for a couple of years just waiting for an opportunity to come out was a Mexican Zinfandel.  Mexico isn't noted for good wine which prompted me to buy this one.  As I recall the original tasting, I didn't buy it for the taste there were other Zins which packed more punch, which I loved more than this one but they weren't the novelty from Mexico.   I bought it because it was from Mexico and did not taste bad.

At the original tasting in 2011, I recall a thin tasting but okay wine, overpriced at that time - higher than what it is selling for now  - IF you can find a bottle.   It's not well known and from a country not known for wines so you might still find it.   If you find it for under $20 consider it, if you find it for under $15, buy it.

Opening it tonight for a spiced rib dinner with roasted vegetables we experienced a wine whose personality changed between courses.

At first  opening, thin tasting, very fruity, on the sweet side.

Given a few more minutes: bright  berry fruit, on the sweet side.

After about an hour: fruit disappears, wine gains a deeper dimension.   It went very well with an assortment of cheese and finally, with the dinner.

It was by no means the hot bold alcohol bomb that many zins are.   It was on the light side for a zin but all the more versatile because of that.  Alcohol is listed in the 14%+ range but you didn't feel that in the nose or the throat.

If you have bottle don't wait too much longer to open it. 


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