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Monday, July 18, 2011

Adelsheim Vineyards 2009 Auxerrois

I don't know how it is pronounced but it is a wonderful light white.

In the glass, it is nearly colorless.  The nose is of peaches?  And some other nice things.  Really nice.

First sips: slightly peachy but not sweet.  Light with nice finish, a short finish.  Some write ups list this as a great wine with oysters.  I don't happen to have oysters handy.  A fast dinner after a day at work, on my feet, in very bad to nearly nonexistent AC during 90F July day... fast, light and late dinner: 1 chicken-feta-spinach sausage with yellow mustard on a hotdog bun.  The wine worked well with something as pedestrian as that.

The peach was no longer on the tongue.  It tasted more 'winey.'  It tasted a little fuller with food, with a longer finish.

There are some press type notes here .  Lovely, lovely wine.

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