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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vin des Chanoines

Last summer I drank reds all summer long. This summer it has been whites with 1 foray into a chilled light red.  At least so far. 

Some of the local wine merchants are really pushing Roses.  Some of the Roses were even half decent and not just tasting like a 'tweener.'  Tweener defined as not a red and and not a white, something inbetween and tasting like the worst of that.  I will have some Rose notes eventually...but I might have to be desperate and out of whites.

Back to the lovely red.  Great at cellar temperature in cooler seasons or with a little chill in summer heat.

 Now the label on this particular Italian wine used to be wonderfully arty which the artist donated to the Institute to use on its bottles.  Alas, when he died that right to use the labels became prohibitively expensive.  The wine label is more prosaic but the wine inside is still lovely, lively and light.  Actually, with the slight chill a buttery-ness is more pronounced.

Even though this link refers to an earlier vintage it gives a little more information of this delightful wine.  I have had previous vintages and they were all good, good enough to keep buying the later vintages. 

Let's get this out of the way now.  I am just learning about wine.  I do not have the list of approved wine terminologies infront of me nor do I understand what most of them mean at this point.  Frankly, describing the wine as 'buttery' is an improvement over just saying 'yummmm.'

But back to the whites.  So far this summer I have been swilling through my motley assortment of whites.  Hopefully
I won't run out of my supply of dusty, forgotten or ignored whites which  have accumulated over the past few years until the summer ends.

Of the soldiers already swilled, I just wish I had thought to take pictures of their labels before I finished them but I had no plans to replenish them no matter how much I ended up enjoying them.   I might have to rethink that if the heat of summer outlasts my archeological stash.

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