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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chateau Les Tours Seguy 2007

Just when I thought the fresh barnyard was bad....I open up one which smells like an outhouse.  

I have a laminated wine wheel which lists categories which help neophytes identify what they are smelling.  It identifies Chemical smells of all sorts, including Hydrogen Sulfide & Kerosene.  It doesn't list sh*t.  It must be a universal given.

The smell did not go away with aeration though it was less so the next day.

That's it.  Beyond drinking through the obscure, garagiste wines already in my cellar I am not getting any more.  I could really use the smells of summer berries right about now: even more so when the snows start to fall.

90% Merlot, 10% Cab Sauvignon.

Other than the offending nose, the taste wasn't bad.  It was a plummy taste, on the lighter side.  Light finish.

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