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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Domaine de la Bergerie Rose

Yes!  A rose (can't find my accents) .  A pink wine.  A neither here nor there wine.  There is a wine shop owner who won't passively accept my anti Rosee gestures (crossed fingers, garlic, rotating 3 times tossing salt over my shoulder).  She knows why I dislike rose.  Neither of us are shy about our opinions and views.   She has been on the money with all of her recommendations for the past few years.   She said I would like this one.

Notice the bottle.  It is empty.  No, I did not pour it down the sink.

The first night it was reminiscent of what I don't like about roses: neither here nor there.  It was okay.  It went well with the salad I ate that evening: more romaine, vidalia, gherkin and blue cheese dressing.  

The second night it was deeper, richer and fuller tasting.  It was still pink but it drank more like a light red only chewier.  I really liked it the second night.  If I were ever having this again, I would start drinking it from the second night onward.

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