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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Petite Arvine 2007

I think I waited a year too long to open this but it was still surprisingly good.  Since I have never heard of the grape before...I did not even know this was a white wine until I opened it.  It's from Switzerland.  Who knew Alpine regions grow grapes?  Okay, wine enthusiasts know that.  I'm new at this.

Thinking about it, I would have thought this would be a light wine: thinking cooler mountains, higher elevations - again, without looking up specifics.

It was a deep yellow in the glass with no change in color at the edges.  It smelled of pineapple and alcohol.  Oh it was so good.  It went down so easily and lightly.

An amazing thought: Switzerland which would not have known about pineapples without help from imports grows a grape which gives them some of that same great taste (but without the excessive juicy sweetness of an actual pineapple)

On the second day it was no longer pineapple: it was pink grapefruit.  I like pink grapefruit.  It's regular grapefruit I don't much like.

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