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monkey 1
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hayes Ranch Cabernet Sauvingnon 2009

I couldn't take any more white wines.  I didn't even wait to chill this one.  The first glass was at 58 degree cellar temp.  It was barely okay reminding me of cheaper mass produced supermarket wines, if okay is defined as "okay for the price."  It was a smooth cab but a thin cab.  Few discernable tannins in that it did not give any hint of raspiness or mouth drying when sipped.

I did not notice the rich cherry taste which the label promised.  There was some blackberry.  Smoky oak?  Not in the cellar temp pour.  The following evening was different.

It took me 2 more days to finish this bottle.  The bottle was in the bar frig with a stopper in it.  It kept really well.  Chilled, it tasted very buttery and now I could pick up some ripe cherry.  I much prefer this chilled.  I will have to remember to do that if I get any future bottles of this.

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