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monkey 1
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rosemount Chardonnay 1999

You heard me: 1999.  I had 3 bottles from a move a long time ago.  I drank 1 a couple of years ago it wasn't bad.  It was fuller, richer tasting than I thought it would be.

I wasn't so lucky this year.

My first clue that I was too late was the orange wine inside the glass.  It wasn't just a deep gold.  It was ORANGE.  I should have taken a picture of the glass of wine.   No worries.  I have that one other bottle.  I may save that for a demo.  I will take that picture.  I have never seen orange wine.

It had a vinegary tartness in the nose and yes, on the tongue.  I did take a sip just to test, which I promptly spit out.  Definitely gone.  Gone!  This is one reason I am using this summer to clear out the accumulated white wines from who knows when and where.  That and the consistent heat.

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